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Age Labs AS is a Norwegian life science company founded in 2017. Our primary aim is the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers for early detection of age-related diseases. We focus on analyzing epigenetic changes in immune cells and build predictive algorithms to identify biomarkers of early disease detection and assess disease risk. Founded by a team of scientists, medical doctors, and engineers, the company possesses a deep understanding of aging, genetics, and analytics needed for successful growth.

Utilizing well characterized samples from public and private global biobanks, Age Labs performs deep analysis of DNA methylation in immune cells through advanced machine learning techniques. Unique features of Age Labs include our pervasive access to biosamples with longitudinal clinical data in combination with our proprietary biomarker discovery platform, EPIPHANY. This allows us to produce extensive epigenetic reports illustrating the correlation between disease mechanisms and drug effects. Such analysis provides a unique and valuable tool for researchers for use throughout the drug development process and, ultimately, to the clinic for patients. 

By measuring the epigenetics status of immune cells and biological age at the start and end of therapeutic intervention, Age Labs provides valuable information on how specific interventions change biological age and immune response and relate this to overall disease risk.

Our innovation is collaboration-based. We partner closely with world-leading experts to develop diagnostic tests based on epigenetics and DNA methylation measurement techniques, including leading global biobanks and the largest epigenetics laboratory in the EU. We have a long-term co-development agreement with a major industry player for our EarlyRA project. We also engage in a proteomics collaboration with a leading global pharmaceutical company. In Norway, our successful R&D projects include partnerships with well-respected institutions such as the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo University Hospital, Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Fürst Medical Laboratory, Bærum Hospital Vestre Viken, and more.

Our commitment to innovation has earned recognition from Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway, which funded early RA test development and COVID-19 severity prediction.

At Age Labs, we are committed to driving innovation in life sciences, striving for excellence in early disease detection and drug response prediction.