Epigenetic drug effects
in clinical trials

Epigenetic reports

Age Labs provides extensive reports for use in clinical trials on disease phenotypes and drug effects.

By measuring epigenetic status of immune cells at the start and end of an intervention, we offer valuable information on how an intervention has changed the immune response and its relation to disease risk.

Data analysis

We measure DNA methylation in immune cells using Illumina microarrays, analysing 850,000 CpG sites, covering 99% of the RefSeq genes.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning we perform in-depth analysis of your data to identify correlations, thus improving the understanding of both disease mechanisms and drug effects.

The analyses results in a comprehensive report for use in clinical trials

Our customers

Researchers from the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry use our reports to: 

- Improve their understanding of drug effects
- Characterize subgroups of drug responders
- Discover novel mechanisms of drug action
- Discover new uses of existing drugs
- Improve patient enrichment in trials, potentially saving valuable time
- Identify patients with accelerated biological age and increased risk of diseases

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