Advanced measurement of biological age

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Although chronological aging is universal, biological age can vary considerably between individuals. This variation is shaped by numerous factors, including environmental influences, lifestyle choices, and genetic makeup. Gaining insight into one's personal cellular aging process is a crucial step towards taking well-informed, proactive measures to optimize that process.

Age Labs provides a service for sophisticated measurement of epigenetic biological age and health risk to enable clinics, labs and online resellers to serve the growing demand for people to gain valuable insights into their biological age and associated health risks. Our service builds on GrimAge, the Gold Standard age clock. For our European customers, we calibrate the results using a cohort of healthy Europeans, to ensure the best and most accurate results for European individuals of Caucasian origin.

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Current services and features

  • Biological age
  • Risk of specific age-related diseases
  • Telomere length
  • Epigenetic imprint of smoking
  • Dried blood spot (DBS) sample collection
  • Online and PDF reports
  • Web portal customized to your brand
  • API integration

Future services and features

  • Improved API integration
  • Additional biological aging clocks
  • Epigenetic fitness
  • Epigenetic imprint of diet
  • Epigenetic imprint of alcohol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Epigenome browser
  • Custom DNA methylation chip for biological age clocks
  • Epigenetic Aging Risk Factors: ADM, B2M, Cystatin C, GDF15, Leptin, PAI1, TIMP1
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Benefits of our service

  • Proprietary dried blood spot protocol enables easy at-home sampling
  • Building on GrimAge, the Gold Standard age clock, but calibrated with a cohort of healthy Europeans, giving the best and most accurate results for European individuals
  • Years of experience and competence in aging and biological age measurements
  • GDPR compliance
  • Quick turnaround time (2-3 weeks)
  • Competitive pricing

Report content

  • Biological age
  • Risk of cancer
  • Risk of coronary heart disease
  • Telomere length
  • Epigenetic imprint of your current and previous smoking
  • A compelling comparison to a normal population of healthy Europeans is also included in the report, showing status relative to a large and growing database of healthy individuals
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Workflow for European customer

Typical workflow, example for European customers

  • The sampling kit is registered in Age Labs’ Kit Portal using QR-codes from Age Labs
  • The blood sample is drawn at home or in the clinic and sent to Life & Brain (L&B) for processing
  • L&B extracts the DNA using Age Labs’ proprietary DBS protocol, bisulfite converts it, and measures the DNA methylation with Illumina’s EPIC microarrays
  • Age Labs analyzes and interprets the raw instrument data and calibrates them using a cohort of healthy Europeans to optimize results for European individuals. 
  • Age Labs then generates and quality controls the report and uploads it the Kit Portal
  • The Kit Portal is maintained by Age Labs and customized to your brand

Our Customers

Clinics and other health care providers in the health & wellness industry use our reports to offer an additional layer of vital information that is simply not available through conventional means. The approach has the potential to empower healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions regarding treatment and intervention strategies, medication administration, and disease prevention measures.

Age Labs’ go-to-market approach is “B2B2C”. This means that we enable our customers to offer biological age services to their end customers. We do not sell directly to consumers.

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